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Today’s biggest piece of news in Denmark must be that leading members of the far-left political party “Enhedslisten” (literally, The Unity List) expects a revolution (link to article in Danish) within the next 20 years.

According to the article, Hans Jørgen Hvad of the party’s executive committee prefers a non-violent revolution: “It will happen through general strikes and occupations. It will not be something you can vote for. But in principle the revolution will be non-violent”.

Some of the objectives of the revolution will be to nationalize the banks and shut down the stock exchange, and to disband the police and military. Another member of the executive committee, Kathrine Toft Mikkelsen, explains that companies should be made public or be controlled by the employees.

Private property rights to means of production will be suspended; however we will be allowed to own some property, according to Kathrine Toft Mikkelsen:

“Of course one is allowed to own one’s own toothbrush.”

I am so relieved!

I would be even more relieved if these people would study some history; for example the history of the Soviet Union or the German Democratic Republic. Or take a look at what happens in socialized countries like North Korea or Zimbabwe.

The “Enhedslisten” received 6.7 percent of the public vote in last September’s general election, giving them 12 members of parliament. Current polls give them twice that. Their rise comes mostly from discontended voters from the more moderate left-wing parties.

I just hope voters will take the time to read the party’s political program and listen to what its leading members say before the next general election.