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Last year I bought a new computer. I thought I’d be smart and switch back to Internet Explorer – it would be easier to copy all my bookmarks the next time, I thought, because IE saves them in a folder so you can just copy the folder to the new machine, and voilà!

Ain’t I the genius? Apart from the fact that many websites (including but not limited to WordPress) don’t work properly with IE 10, it is now reported that Internet Explorer has severe security issues – so bad that the German federal government is warning their citizens against using Microsoft’s browser. Microsoft, predictably, has issued a statement trying to tone down the risk, offering a workaround, and promising a fix in a not-too-distant future. Which, presumably, will fix the problems that their previous umpteen zillion patches haven’t fixed.

Internet Exploder


Fortunately it turned out to be easy to port my favorites bookmarks to Firefox and the user interface is almost the same.