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One of the best things you can say about telemarketing is that it is almost illegal in Denmark. Only a few items can be sold over the telephone, including newspapers and support to charities.

Unfortunately this prohibition doesn’t include sales to companies. For an independent business owner this can be a great nuisance.Telemarketing

If my land line rings and it is from an undisclosed number, I usually let my answering machine handle the call. It is almost certain to be a telemarketer. Clients, friends and family have my cell phone number, which is not on any public directory lists. New clients will usually contact me via email and I don’t have the (long) time needed to convince a telemarketer that I really, truly, absolutely don’t need his product.

Maybe I need to work on my impoliteness. Telemarketers are working on your reluctance to say “No”, and on your desire to be polite, and will deliberately cross the line, assuming that you will keep your manners and not yell at them or slam down the receiver. I have even been told off by a particularly rude and persistent specimen because I refused to save a very small amount of money by switching my internet connection to his company (which could easily have cost me a fortune in indirect costs). I maintained that A) I wasn’t interested, and B) he was not welcome to call back!

A better approach has turned out to be “No thanks, not interested!”, *click*, *beep beep beep*… I didn’t ask them to call me and waste my time, and I certainly didn’t ask them to lecture me on how to run my business – at great length and, if deemed necessary, in a rude tone.

Maybe next time I should try something like this: