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To all of us who hoped that the so-called “Arab Spring” heralded a new and better age for the countries of Northern Africa, the news are not good. It looks like the spring is turning into a very cold and very dark winter.

At least for the women of Tunisia, the country where the “spring” broke last year.

Earlier this year, a young woman was assaulted and raped by two police officers while a third held back her boyfriend. Her rapists have since been arrested and accused.

Now she is also accused, for “Indecency”, a crime which could cost her six months in prison.

The authorities claim that, although she was raped, this doesn’t mean she wasn’t doing anything wrong herself.

I strongly suspect that what she did “wrong” was to turn in her aggressors!

I remains to be seen whether the resulting protests against the authorities will result in a new and better “spring”. Somehow I am not too optimistic.