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Barrack Obama, Michelle Obama, Condoleezza Rice, and Mitt Romney are traveling by train. At one point, the train enters a tunnel. The compartment goes black for a few minutes and the travelers hear a slap. On exiting the tunnel, the three others notice a large red mark on Romney’s face. Of course each traveler thinks their own thoughts…

Michelle Obama: I’m sure Mitt tried fondling Ms. Rice and she slapped him. Serves him right, that old pig!

Mitt Romney: Must have been Obama who tried fondling Condie, and she thought it was me. Better not say anything…

Condoleezza Rice: Hmpf! I guess Mitt couldn’t keep his hands off Michelle and she slapped him! That old pig!

Barrack Obama: I sure hope we go through another tunnel soon so I can slap Mitt again! 😉