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In my next life, I have decided I want to be a supermarket!

As a human being I only have one birthday each year. My local supermarket is currently celebrating its birthday, and has been doing so all throughout October. That makes for no less than 31 birthdays, corresponding to more than one-twelfth of the year!

On my birthday, if I start singing, people will very likely ask me to cease that infernal noise! Or throw tomatoes at me.  My supermarket has been celebrating its birthday(s) with a specially composed, incredibly annoying song which they play at regular, short, intervals in the shop. The song tells us that they have a huge amount of special birthday offers, most likely for items that were to be sold at a reduced price anyway.

So I want to be reborn as a supermarket. That way, I can offer “special” discounts, sing out of tune about it, and keep doing that for a full month – and if I am reborn as a branch of a larger chain of shops, I can celebrate my birthday at least twice a year; on the chain’s birthday and on the branch’s birthday.

Now I only need to start believing in reincarnation. 😉