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Tonight is Halloween in the Catholic countries and the United States. And everywhere else where supermarkets have seen the opportunity to sell large  numbers of pumpkins and vast amounts of candy. 😉

For this reason many people in Denmark think Halloween is an “American” holiday. But it originated right here in Europe!

Halloween means All Hallows’ Eve and is the evening before All Saints’ Day. In the olden days, the date didn’t change at midnight but at sunset so November 1st – All Hallows Day – started when the sun went down on October 31st. This is also the reason why Christmas is celebrated on Christmas Eve, the evening of December 24th, in mainland Europe. And why All Hallows Day is celebrated October 31st just about everywhere.

If you are celebrating Halloween, remember to go easy on the booze!

Drunken Pumpkins

And on the candy, and pumpkin pie:

Pumpkin Pie

Happy Halloween! 🙂