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Politicians: We have to protect non-smokers in the workplace, so we need a “No Smoking” policy at work.

Politicians: People still go outside to smoke but they just go right outside the entrance so smoke gets back into the building. Smoking has to be prohibited within 50 feet from all buildings.

Politicians: Smoking also sets a bad example. It should be prohibited within 500 yards from schools.

Politicians: In order to protect the public, smoking should be prohibited anywhere (including in your own garden) if it can annoy others.

Politicians: And we need to prohibit smoking in peoples’ homes, to protect their children!

No Smoking

Citizens: We can’t smoke at work, at home, in our gardens, or in the street. Wouldn’t it be easier to just prohibit smoking?

Politicians: No, are you crazy? It’s a free country!


Disclaimer: Most (but not all) of the above is fiction. Danish politicians have suggested prohibiting smoking just about everywhere but for now you are still allowed to smoke in your own home. Or in the street. Employers in the private sector are also allowed to set up indoor smoking facilities, though  they rarely do.

(I used to smoke; I quit 10 years ago. But that doesn’t mean I need to tell others they should quit, too!)