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…That the last man walked on the moon!


Footprint on the Moon

Of course this depends on where you live. In the United States it was 40 years ago yesterday, at 5:55 PM Eastern Time, that the Apollo 17’s lunar module blasted off from the moon. In Western Europe it was 11:55 PM, still on December 14. In Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Pacific it was past midnight on December 15.

Few would have expected that this would be the last mission to another celestial body for over 40 years. Which I find sad (that it was the last expedition, not that few people expected it to be).

The picture above shows one of the footprints the American astronauts left on the moon (it is from the first lunar expedition, 2½ years earlier). Since there is no air on the moon, and hence no wind, the footprint will remain there until the sun goes nova in about 8 billion years, unless of course it is destroyed by a meteorite first. Which makes it highly likely that it will survive mankind and everything we have built here on earth. It will be our last footprint, so to speak, unless we return to space.