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Throughout the last 11 years, I have constantly heard politicians telling me about the necessity to send Danish troops to fight terrorists and evil dictatorial regimes, first in Afghanistan and then in Iraq. The troops were to kill some people in order to set other people free. The theory was that, once we had removed the evil oppressors, the survivors would hail us as liberators, elect enlightened democratic governments like the ones we have in the west, and be happy ever after.

And they would never develop weapons of mass destruction like the ones Saddam Hussein was KNOWN to have – honest! He had hidden them so well that the UN inspectors couldn’t find them, but it was dead certain that he had tons of nukes and nerve gas hidden away in the Iraqi desert. (In fact they were hidden so well that the allied forces haven’t found them after nine years’ search in Iraq!)

Furthermore, we would soon kill off that wicked man Osama bin Laden, thus bringing an immediate end to the Al-Qaeda terrorist network. Which we did – after ten years of warfare in Afghanistan the American Navy Seals managed to kill Osama. Of course there was the embarrassing detail that he was killed, not in Afghanistan, but in neighboring Pakistan, which is one of our gallant allies in the war on terrorism and which we therefore (and because they have weapons of mass destruction; nuclear ones to be precise) don’t dare wish to invade.

But on to my main point: Since the politicians believe it is absolutely essential that we, for our national safety and in order to set the locals free (or kill them), invade nations halfway around the globe, I am prepared to make the following offer to any politicians who voted in favor of the Danish participation in the wars against in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since I do not have unlimited means, the offer is limited to the first five politicians who accept:

  • A one-way ticket to whichever country the politician feels is in need of being liberated from evil oppressors.
  • A return ticket on any date one year or later after the politician’s departure. I think a one-year stay should be minimum, given the importance of the issue.
  • Should the politician be killed in the line of duty, payment for the return of his or her earthly remains to Denmark at any time.
  • Personal equipment corresponding to that given to Danish soldiers serving in Afghanistan at this time.

That is my offer to those politicians who believe that others should put their lives on the line – while the politicians stay at home in safety! Here is a chance to practice what they preach.

Given that “we have to” liberate the suppressed and unhappy people from their evil oppressors (and, in hundreds of thousands of cases, liberate them of their lives), one would certainly expect politicians to line up outside my door.

Anybody want to bet there will be no takers?


Peace in Pieces in Iraq