OK, I admit! I almost fell for it!

I received a mail from the social network LinkedIn saying that a person I never heard of wished to add me to his contacts.

Or so I thought!

It actually looked just like a message from LinkedIn, except that it came from an address outside the linkedin.com domain. And that it had been sent to many different recipients.

But all links in the message (on “Go to the inbox”, “Log in to unsubscribe” etc.) really led to a website I didn’t know (given by an IP address – http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx, not by a domain name) which I didn’t visit. I don’t trust my antivirus that far!

Fortunately Microsoft Outlook warned me that it looked like a phishing message, and so I noticed the danger signs.

So watch out! If you receive a seemingly genuine mail from LinkedIn, Facebook or other social networks, check the sender’s address and hover the mouse over the links in the message (but don’t click them!) to see where they really lead!

Let's be careful out there!

Let’s be careful out there!

“Let’s be careful out there!”