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Can somebody please help me? Somebody calling themselves “Lola” added this comment to my entry Almost Wordless Wednesday from December 19, which seems  to have become a magnet for comment spammers:

provided the items aren’t utilized you will move it lower back in order to when every 2 or 3 months, but always do it frequently sufficient which the measure establish isn’t so far visable after you clean
the item. all these coffee makers, though the company are less familiar, supply one thing separate for coffee lovers,
whether or not through the sheer wide variety of
coffee designs and also flavors available for pod gadgets, and/or Older community taste developed.

I’m sorry but I don’t speak or understand Gibberish, Volapuk, or Martian, or any of the other otherworldly languages that this might be.

Can anyone tell me what in blazes the spammer is talking about?

Spam spam wonderful spam...

Spam spam wonderful spam…

(To Lola: Sorry, but I took the liberty of deleting the web address you used as “account name”. This is a blog, not an advertising site.)