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OK, it’s a slow day at the office, and at WordPress. I was watching the day’s statistics so far (sure hope they shape up) and cleaning some dirt out of the spam filter (someone was impressed with my writing skills, in a “Mostly Wordless Wednesday” post…), when the statistics caught my eye.

Wordpress Statistics

WordPress Statistics

What caught my eye was not the fact that I have had four views today, but that they came from two different visitors. Two visits from the United States, one from Canada, and one from India.

And here is my problem: The number of views add up. But if I have two different visitors, both of whom are from the United States of America, which one of them is from Canada, and which is from India?

I mean, I have had two visitors from three different countries!? Does that mean at least one of them is a sczitz… sci.. (one moment please while I check my dictionary…) a schizophrenic?

Kind of a silly question, I know. I told you it was a slow day! 😉