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The news service at the Danish TV station TV2 has gotten themselves into the news in a rather spectacular fashion twice over the last few days.

First it was a news report about Syria’s cultural treasures. To illustrate the story, they had a background picture of what should have been the Syrian capital of Damascus.

Except that it was a screenshot from the computer game Assassins’ Creed!

Damasc... no wait!

And in the background we have Damasc… no wait!

Next they brought a newsfeed about the election of a new chairman for the Greenland home rule. Illustrated with the flag of Greenland.

No wait!

The flag of ... errr, no!

The flag of … errr, no!

Actually, the flag in the lower right is not the flag of Greenland, but that of Japan. A different country, very far from Greenland.

As the head of the TV station’s news channel, Mikkel Hertz, correctly said after this fiasco, it takes about 15 seconds to Google “Greenland Flag” and come up with the correct flag, and it’s not like they hadn’t known for a long time that there would be an election in Greenland. So this is just not good enough!

Congratulations to TV2 on achieving a level of journalistic “accuracy” rarely seen outside of the so-called colored press! 😉