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Today I realized that something is terribly rotten in the State of Denmark.

I realized that a man has become a hero, at least to a certain segment of the population.

Now, the man could have been Ole Kirk Christiansen, founder of the Lego group – a company with 10,000 employees worldwide and the world’s third largest producer of toys. But he isn’t. Actually, if I am to believe my compatriots, Mr. Kirk Christiansen and his descendants are evildoers who exploit their employees. A recent decision to create 800 new workplaces in the Czech Republic instead of in Denmark makes them traitors who put cold profit before national interests.

The hero could also have been Mærsk McKinney Møller, son of the founder of AP Møller-Mærsk (one of the world’s largest shipping companies) and leader of the company until his death last year, at age 98. He took the small shipping company his father created and turned it into one of the largest companies in Denmark, providing jobs and living for tens of thousands. But no, he is also an evil exploiter.

Nope! The hero is this man:

Dovne Robert

Dovne Robert

Robert Nielsen, known as “Dovne Robert” or “Lazy Robert”, became world famous in Denmark last year for telling in public that he refused to take a “lousy job”, such as a job at McDonalds, preferring instead to live off social relief aid. His story, along with other examples of how some Danes could live a whole life without lifting a finger, even reached the New York Times.

Many were enraged at seeing a man capable of working refusing to do so. But as usual there were apologists for the welfare state which allowed Mr. Nielsen to goof off at other peoples’ expense. With so many being unemployed, I have been told, we should be happy he didn’t take a job from somebody who actually wants to work. And he’s only an isolated case, most unemployed are actively seeking a job. Etc. etc. etc.

In fact he has become a kind of hero for the left wing, by sticking it to the evil multinationals by refusing to work for them. He has now accepted to participate in the Danish 2013 version of “Survivor” (“Robinson-ekspeditionen”). While of course receiving his unemployment benefit, needless to say.

What can I say?

In a country where one man is a hero for not working, and another is a crook for creating jobs and prosperity, is it any wonder if Lego decides to place 800 new jobs somewhere else?